Living Room, by Amanda McCavour Living Room, by Amanda McCavour (Photo: Agata Piskunowicz)

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Toronto's Don Jail, 2017 (Photo: Richard Adams) Photo: Richard Adams

Not just another pretty façade

Check out the many stories published by the Ontario Heritage Trust about buildings and architecture — from adaptive re-use and conservation activities to iconic structures and the economic impact of heritage ...

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Peaches from Niagara-on-the-Lake (Photo: Hubert Kang, Destination Ontario) Peaches from Niagara-on-the-Lake (Photo: Hubert Kang, Destination Ontario)

Food for thought

See how the Trust has explored our connections with food — as well as the history of food culture — through these articles …

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Latest features

Josiah Henson (Photo: Schlesinger Library, Harvard University)

Celebrating Josiah – Introducing the Josiah Henson Museum of African-Canadian History

“I’ll use my freedom well.” Josiah Henson made this promise to Captain Burnham, who helped him and his family in the last part of their...

A provincial plaque was unveiled in 2010 as part of the Emancipation Day event at Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site in Dresden to commemorate Hugh Burnett and the National Unity Association.

Setting the record straight – Updating four Black history plaques

I’d like to tell you about Solomon Moseby. In 1837, Moseby fled to Niagara to escape slavery in Kentucky. When his extradition back to the...

The Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station was opened for a special Doors Open weekend on October 26-27, 2019. (Photo: Niagara Parks)

How Doors Open Ontario activates the province’s communities

The Ontario Heritage Trust’s Doors Open Ontario program works with communities and partners to open the doors, gates and courtyards of Ontario’s most unique and...

Children from Pelee Island Pubic School helping to collect seeds for restoration projects

Conserving what we value

It was my time to finally get my message across. About 15 years ago, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) was beginning to purchase properties...

Martintown Grist Mill, near Cornwall Martintown Grist Mill, near Cornwall

Doors Open Ontario

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Volcano Pizzeria Restaurant (Photo: Museum Windsor)

The proof is in the pizza

Around the lunch table at my office, I talk a lot about my experiences growing up outside of Windsor, Ontario – working at Chrysler, being a border city with Detroit, and some of the local specialties, in particular, pizza. Windsor-style pizza is unique to the region and has been a mainstay in my life – family parties, lazy Friday nights and even the midnight snack at many Windsor weddings. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve noticed...

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Pulling a pint of beer (Photo: Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership)

Lost breweries of Toronto

As an artifact, beer can tell you a lot about the culture that develops it. Take Molson Canadian as an example. That brand sums up a period of time and a set of attitudes about what it meant to be Canadian. Judging by the commercials I grew up with, that included the vehement rejection of imposed stereotypes and the ability to jersey an office co-worker. It’s hard to conceive of beer out of nothing. Toronto’s...

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MacNab-Charles heritage conservation district

The economic value of heritage districts: How assessment growth in heritage conservation districts compares with non-designated areas in Hamilton

There are competing views about the value of heritage properties. On the one hand, there is a growing consensus on the esthetic and economic development value of heritage buildings in an urban landscape. On the other hand, a perception persists that designating buildings or districts under the Ontario Heritage Act decreases the value of properties. Our team of planners and data geeks at Civicplan sought to analyze the validity of the latter perception by looking...

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Brockville Railway Tunnel

Case study: Brockville Railway Tunnel

Location: 1 Block House Island Road, BrockvilleOwner: City of BrockvillePartners: Brockville Railway Tunnel Committee (plus countless generous donors)Original use: Canada’s first railway tunnel and part of the Brockville and Ottawa (B&O) RailwayCurrent use: Publicly accessible pedestrian railway tunnel The Brockville Railway Tunnel runs half a kilometre (525 metres or 1,722 feet) underneath downtown Brockville from the waterfront to Pearl Street. Constructed from 1854-60, the tunnel was a major feat of engineering for its time. The...

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